General terms of services

Open Events

Participation in a workshop or a training for which you register, you can cancel only in writing, with an email written to our email contact address. If you cancel your participation at least 15 days prior to the workshop or training you shall not bear any costs of cancellation except for costs of eventual bank transfer costs for return of payed fees. For cancellations at least 7 days before the date, you bear 50% of the fee. For later cancellations you are obliged to pay the full registration fee. In all cases, you can send a substitute person or use your payment for same or another event in the next 12 months.

For early bird registrations (FIRST MINUTE or similar) cancellation is possible only until last day of published early bird deadline with no responsibility for a fee payment. Afterwards you are oblige to pay full price (with an early bird discount).

Šesti Oblik reserves the right to change the term of workshops or training until 30 days before the date. 

Šesti Oblik reserves the right to change lecturers/facilitators in case of unforeseen circumstances. Šesti Oblik is not responsible for the eventual cancellation of the workshops or training due to circumstances that could not be predicted or avoided. In the case of cancellation, we will refund the full amount of the fee paid.

In case of PREREGISTRATIONS sending application form is considered only as an expression of interest and is not subject to the above listed conditions. Based on recieved preregistrations organistor will define specif date for which applications will be send and for which all terms will apply. 

Inhouse services

For each service all terms are agreed based on the offer and /or contract signed with each client. 

Šesti oblik, as our legal framwork, will issue all offers, invoices and be the counter part for signing contracts for delivering our services.


Welcome to CPL web site! We invite you to browse through it and see what we are up to this days. If you have some questions, or ideas how we might be of service to you, please contact us, we will be quick in coming back to you! 

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