In constant need to learn

Modern organizations are in constant movement around clients, employees, partners and vendors. Therefore, they need to train regularly, to be in best form with knowledge, skills and abilities needed to win market competitions!

CPL trainings are highly interactive, experiential and motivational events with the purpose of gaining new competencies in the area of organizational and personal development. Topics of our trainings cover needs of todays’ organizations and are aligned with modern competency catalogue which includes leadership, innovation, complexity, meaningful conversation, cross-silos collaboration, design thinking, high performance and integration of different cultures, strategies and business models. We are combining our knowledge and experience in building an inspiring and comprehensive learning experience.

To become competent means to gain knowledge, skills and abilities. These dimensions are integrated in CPL trainings in creative ways, always customized according to the topic and context of the group.

Who it is for?

CPL works with all organizational levels: senior managers, middle managers, team leaders, different experts like human resources, project managers, communication managers, engineers, sales experts, trainers, consultants... One of our expertise is supporting diversity - working with different organisation levels in the same training!

Each training is customized according to the group and for us is really important to know what is the purpose of participation on individual and group level, and what expectations and challenges should be addressed.

According to the context and purpose, CPL trainings can be designed for small or large groups (30, 50 or more..) because of participatory methodologies that enable interaction of many people.

Master Classes

For some of the very specific topics, we offer open trainings as open Master Class events to attract people with different backgrounds to learn, explore and practice together!  Different backgrounds relate to country, organization, position, job type and more.  Master Class is usually supported by more experts and consultants from our side and is the excellence-based learning opportunity that enables broadening perspectives and building relations beyond organizational boundaries!


Welcome to the CPL web site! We invite you to browse through it and see what we are up to these days. If you have some questions, or ideas how we might be of service to you, please contact us, we will be quick in coming back to you! 

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