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General information

Legal entity behind Centre for Participatory Leadership is

Šesti oblik- poslovne usluge i izdavaštvo, vl. Miljenka Plazonic Bogdan
Havidićeva 30
HR-10010 Zagreb
Tel +385996677507
OIB: 03817275859

VAT : HR03817275859
Registered in Obrtni registar, under number 92324924.

Bank account: RBA  HR7124840081102791974


All legal affairs and billing procedures related to Centre for Participatory Leadership are done solely through and by Šesti oblik.

If you would have any claim, please send us information to our contact e-mail, we will be answering immediately.

Privacy policy

We are very cautious with our client’s data – we use any received information as confidential and only for internal purposes of organising events. In no occasion we are transferring data to third parties, unless we are obliged by law to do so.

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